Thursday, 9 January 2014

Cockroach in Cocktail... ?
Is Cockroach really an ugly being in Cocktail world carrying colourful deceiving layers. Isn't it the reality of life and the truth cinema has to convey. This Cockroach will survive 9 more days without its head.

A award winning collaborative multicultural filmmaking company with the objective of realising films as well as community participatory audio-visual artworks in international quality for TV broadcasting, web casting, public screening, social networking, corporate presentations etc, targeting global audience. 

One step ahead of mere entertainment and cautious of any step below entertainment, cinema from Cockroach in Cocktail is a creative mission and a passionate vision ‘of, by and for’ the people. Our business is to craft eye catching, creative, innovative, close to factual films for branding needs while the passion is to implement the art of cinema as a media of collective expression and identity for marginalised social groups. 

'My Paper Boat' Screening at Copenhagen Lake, Denmark for UN Summit on Climate Change.